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today was just 1 of those magical times on the water… u name it we hooked em on the bay today with josiah and andrew working the magic sticks again….here fishy-fishy…..here is josia’s first cast today…… 140# tarpon waving goodbye……after a 15 min’s of tug o war. — at tampa bay.

winter fishing in Tampa Bay

old shcool style fishing today !!! tampa bay was kicking em out on the water yesterday with the severin family, bill,julie,tyler,and little lady emily…. we started our trip in the upper bay watching a pod of dolphins working of some baitfish, we tried a couple cast but no takers with all the actions in the water so we moved a few hundred yards to a grass flat and started to see sign’s of life…. a couple cast later emily lands the first spotted trout and that was the start. we move a little deeper a found a school of sand trout that were on the bite, hooked up again.. 1 rod then 2 and so on… this went on for about an hour til we moved to deeper water, first pass emily hooks a puffer fish the excitement on her face… priceless, as we try some drifts around a current seam moving into the bay it’s fish-on !! spotted trout galore every drift single,double’s,triple’s…one after another, acouple hours more and its time to go so of course we make one LAST CAST…. and tyler hooks into a redfish…..his smile priceless, what a way to end our trip…. looking foward to our next adventure……..FISH-ON